Video & Animation Video & Animation

Animation offers the 4th dimension into any project. Based on a cinematographic approach, we produce digital moving content that alongside with motion graphics and imagery craft a visual story experience of any project.

We have a limited number of animations we complete each year in order to fulfil our specialist imagery. These can span from large scale animations with mixed reality, all the way to snippets, time-lapses, and walkthroughs.

Visualisation Visualisation

We take pride in being one of the industry leaders in providing conceptual image solutions for top architectural practices around the world.

Having a broad range of experience with prominent architectural practices from around the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America, its unique eye-catching artistic approach entices the viewer and delivers aesthetic results driven from the design process.

The aim of each view is to enhance, show and demonstrate the architectural ideal beyond the mere form into the meta- physical in each and every project.

Art Direction Art Direction

In the laborious work of assisting designers and project managers, our art direction skills can easily bridge the gap between tight project requirements, the most ambitious of designs and the delicate balance that exists between the most successful projects and their target audiences.

Having a dedicated team in charge of not losing the global picture is extremely important, particularly when it comes to ensuring the essence of the project does not get lost or diluted in the process, and we’re experts in getting the flavour just right until the very end!

Virtual & Augmented Reality Virtual & Augmented Reality

New forms of technology are changing the way we work and demonstrate our work. VR and AR propose a fundamental shift in the form of visualising, we build upon our artistic and stylistic approach and transpose it into these new forms of expression.

We offer various solutions that fit into each realm, from concept to final marketing plan Including:

360 Stereoscopic real-time VR walkthroughs, compatible with (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc), 360 VR Walkthroughs, Interactive guided tours via (Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream) and Branded applications via IOS or ANDROID or Windows

Storyboarding Storyboarding

Because there are many ways to tell a story, it is very important for us to get them right from the get-go.

Our illustration department ensures this process runs smoothly, exploring every possible take on those key projects where the vision requires to get ahead from the traditional stills.

Not only this is a process that is getting implemented more often in our studio for particularly complex projects, but our clients are also benefiting from it as an additional instrument that helps them express their project vision throughout the sometimes complicated design process with their own clients.

Concept Art Concept Art

In some instances, ideas can’t immediately be translated into a specific design, but rather an exploration of the potential to aim for.

That’s why is so important to get the project vision right from the very beginning, which is where our concept artists come into action. They come from all corners of the world and are heavyweights in the development of concept art for movies, animation, and mixed media.

Those same individuals, with their unique mindset, will ensure that your project vision reaches its full potential even before a team of designers is even in place, ensuring that the most ambitious of visions come to fruition.

Marketing & Planning Marketing & Planning

Our architectural experience and sensibility translate into the visual form, understanding the specifics of each planning application and marketing scheme – Interpreting the constraints on how these should translate visually into each individual segment and target, creating synergies with the architectural planners and powers that be.

Our visual understanding has had a proven track record amongst planners and general populations worldwide with favourable results in all areas of planning and marketing. Masterplan and aerial imagery (drone and helicopter footage) Verified images – AVR – Accurate Visual Representations Still internal and external imagery for planning and marketing applications with VR and AR content to compliment marketing campaigns.

3D Modeling & Design 3D Modeling & Design

Let’s imagine a scenario in which the scale, timeline, and budget of a project does not allow your team of designers to complete or even design certain elements of a project…

…Does that sound perhaps too familiar?

Well, thankfully, that’s when our team of 3D technicians comes in place, originally trained as Architects, they can not only complement and finish what your studio constraints can’t, but in some extreme cases we have developed and designed entire buildings and masterplans based in just an original idea. It goes beyond saying that this additional mile requires us to operate as an extension of your design team, but we were not kidding when we said we’ll work as one!